Healing Spaces


Individual accompaniment

As I can already see, I am not a healer who corresponds to the classic type of “healer”. I carry aspects in me that are anything but gentle and cozy. Power, Revolution, Explosion. I like to go down paths differently – and new, of course – always in alignment and connection. That’s what makes me and I use these levels in my work as well.

• You have a goal, but your fears make you linger?
•You’ve already walked a bit of your way, but you can’t get any further?
•You always find excuses why it’s not possible?

Then ask yourself the question: Do I really want this?
If you really want to achieve your goal, are you ready to do anything for it?

I blow your way clear, anything that does not correspond to you and your origin can go.

I lead and accompany you to your destination.
There are no excuses for me.
I bring light into the dark, to places where it can’t go any further.

We’re pushing your limits.
And release the strength for your path.

Are you brave enough?
I already and I like to be by your side.

Power healing room

When it has to be done quickly …
For extreme shifts in the shortest possible time

Process support of all kinds, back strengthening and support at meetings, important discussions and decisions, OP support, acute care in all areas where power & caring is needed immediately

I am opening an energetic power healing space where you are right now in your life.
I hold this space and fill it with everything it takes so that healing, transformation and extreme shifts can take place. You don’t have to do anything for this, except to consciously get involved and open yourself to small and large miracles.

Holiness and Blessings of Today


Certain occasions and transitions in our lives deserve to be appreciated. Rituals are bridges in such moments that accompany from the old to the new. The magic of the essential becomes visible. Events and stories thus get a special place in our hearts and our lives.

I create rituals e.B. for weddings, births, places, house initiations, new foundations, festivals, special friendships and transitions of life.

Individual rituals on request.


Remote healing or 1:1 on site

Receive what your body and/or soul needs.

I am happy to support you, give you support and space to feel yourself, to meet you and (again) to come together with your power and your origin. This is how healing happens.

Your healing story




Healing for your soul from the white flame, written with the feather of the white phoenix.

I connect with your origin and read answers, hints, messages, healing impulses for you.

In order to book one of my offers, contact me directly for a preliminary interview. We’ll see what’s right on your way now.

I will glitter on

“I am so happy that I finally managed to get in touch with Sarina. It was the absolutely right time in my life and she really moved, exposed and activated a lot in the first round.
I feel very touched, even more in contact with me and I’m curious to see what else is possible.”

– Anke –


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