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Der absolute Hammer!

"What Sarina is to me:
If someone asked me what Sarina is to me, I would say: THE ABSOLUTE HAMMER! or more precisely, the total portion of sunshine, my key, my golden door opener and at the same time a deep rain shower!

But it has to be said that a deep rain shower for me has nothing to do with negativity in the slightest! On the contrary, I am thinking of a cuddly rain jacket in autumn, a broad grin on the face, a rain dance in which you hop through puddles with colorful rubber boots, as I did today.

Also at Sarina I think of a full tree with lots of colorful autumn leaves, a strong stand, deep roots and fire in the leaf veins. Plain lyric: something very soul-like, powerful, energy-charged dingbum. Because with the way she helped me, she… simply does everything possible. Or just one thing: I have found my way back to my inner self!

Achieving this is an art (from my point of view) where you have to go down a somewhat bumpy path. And to be taken by Sarina is worth as much as golden autumn dust, with extra sun!!!

She opened my heavenly gate to me, presenting my body with all its abilities and quirks, so that I trusted her every second. And along the way, I could just be myself. At the end of the day, all I can say is: THANK YOU!"

♥ by a very charming 12-year-old young lady from Berlin♥

Atem beraubend und endlich wieder atmen könnend zugleich!

"Sarina is for me a person whom one rarely encounters in this day and age. It has a fabulous potential, with which it comes – like a breeze, a ray of sunshine, a light breeze – almost imperceptibly. It would be easy to underestimate her if she did not begin her collaboration with such a powerful calmness, which only gives an ignorant one a glimpse of what equally powerful possibilities, ways she shows with her work and at the same time dissolves apparent obstacles with force and love. She is sensitive, careful, groping, giving space, respectful and at the same time so present that it is a real pleasure to work with her.

Breath-consuming and finally able to breathe again at the same time.

Chain-breaking and cuddly balling in at the same time.

Finally opening up and reconsidering itself at the same time.

How is this possible? Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier has the rare gift of bringing you closer to your very own essence. Like a surfer, she playfully adjusts the right waves to give you a relaxed ride on your own waves and when it's time to guide you through your "tube".
And anyone who can only remotely guess what this means will appreciate Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier. Both she as a human being and working with her. I am infinitely grateful to have met her and to be able to work with her. It has opened doors for me and thus opportunities that I would not have been able to do on my own, or at least not with this ease. Yes, their work is essential. If you want to find your own essence again, you can confidently swing with her on her surfboard and look forward to a great time. Light and full of joy, because the essence into which it leads you is nothing but that. Keep surfin"


Dein Wesen ist Heilung!

"Sarina you wonderful soul, connected with everything and thus connection for everyone who wants to be connected. You are the radiant light figure, a whole new leader on all levels.

What you do Sarina cannot be described with the words available to me. It is not 'work' but an action. Yours provide you for connecting and connecting with everything that is there and everything that is in the right place right now.

You have a gift, a glow that makes you feel good and you live your uniqueness. This gives me permission to drop me and trust the process.

Your being is healing and that cannot be described in words. It's like you're awakening the cells and whispering back to them everything that's long been forgotten, but the cells have a choice of what they want to take from them right now.

My body reassembles after each session and I am allowed to rest again now, in full confidence that everything is as it is and everything finds its place – from the bottom of my heart I thank you."

Andrea Neiller, Norway

Das ist so abgefahren, was passiert, wenn man in seiner eigenen Essenz ist!

"I got a fire ritual from Sarina because I was driven by restlessness and I realized that something wanted to come to the surface, but that couldn't be grasped.

In the flame I saw myself and I was surrounded by the flames as if they were hugging me. 

Everything was allowed to transform what was no longer with me. 

And my essence has been exposed.

A relief has spread and all muscles have relaxed. I was completely detached. 

My power came to light and I was allowed to accept it gently.

After that I was in my full power and I could speak my truth and start living."


Das eigene Heilwissen erkennen und anwenden mit Leichtigkeit

"Full wonders like a walk through the fairytale forest.
Colourful, lively, full of glitter and stardust.
It is with pleasure to recognize, remember and implement healing knowledge.
Magical action arises.
Diverse as the being who goes down this path.
Unique in her own way, Sarina accompanies and supports you and gives
impulses on your way.
You consciously use your senses: hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and
Sarina is a star that leads you to everything that makes up your being.
To your highest potential.
It shows you a world full of possibilities, creations that arise from
Infinite variety.
Individually, the highest potential is brought to earth, born and

Sarina lives what she is. Opened worlds and has thus enabled me to draw on my knowledge, to bring it into my consciousness. To make it tangible for me to open up."

Sohan (Annual Mentoring Healing Life)

Vom Opfer zum Schöpfer

"I was allowed to meet you – Sarina in a very difficult time. As you say it, there are no coincidences . I was deep in dependency patterns and in the role of victim. By working with you, I was able to free myself bit by bit, in which I took more and more self-responsibility for myself. Working with you has brought me closer and closer to my core and I have been able to feel my clarity, devotion and love much more clearly. My creativity also became stronger and stronger and I was able to meet myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that."

Ajama, living healing


"Sarina's accompaniment is a true blessing for body, mind and soul, because it always involves all levels. Above all, their power sessions are pure healing and bring about a profound change, the effects of which can be felt and experienced even after the time together. Sarina's gentle, powerful, clear and always heart-guided nature permeates every pore of your being, leaving you amazed as an observer and at the same time an actor in the process. Sarina teaches you both to truly receive and to take full responsibility and power over your life into your hands.

It leads you back to you bit by bit and never tires of reminding you who you really are. When I started the power sessions, I found myself in a mental and emotional vortex of fear, past emotions and no longer knew where up and down was. Sarina accompanied me on this path with everything at her disposal. And this also works perfectly over long distances, because kilometers actually play no role for this level. I just had to get fully involved and after a short time I noticed how my system calmed down, thoughts and emotions moved back to the "right" places and I found myself stabilized in my midst very quickly. From this I was then able to take concrete steps on the outside, which resulted by themselves and also unfold their full effect weeks later.

Sarina, I am infinitely grateful to you for your being and your abilities that surpass anything I have ever known in this area. Thank you!"

Dana (Power Healing Room)

"She takes you to Wonderland.
A country that is well known to her.
There are fairies, elves, many beings, glitter and a lot of magic.
She guides you, accompanies you, supports you.
Opens layers you didn't know about.
It reminds you, strengthens you to live what you really are.
Hand in hand you go with her through all the wonders, all the magic.
Take your own with you and start implementing it, living with it, serving with it.
You wonder, but she sees your true potential, your true greatness.
Over time, you go your own way, independently and confidently.
What remains is the connection to her and Wonderland."

– Sohan –

I will glitter on

"I am so happy that I finally managed to get in touch with Sarina. It was the absolutely right time in my life and she really moved, exposed and activated a lot in the first round.
I feel very touched, even more in contact with me and I'm curious to see what else is possible."

– Anke –


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