Over a year ago, I did a reading about people, what is at stake and what is important to them.
Since the moment I brought it here to earth, it already works.
Since a few days I get the impulse again and again: It's time now…It wants to get out.

I honestly struggled with it a bit because it's anything but comfortable. But that's exactly what is needed now.
Authenticity, truthfulness…Radical.

And you don't need to do anything with it. It works.
If you can't do anything with it:
That's perfectly okay.
For many maybe nothing new but it has reached another level.

Reading 21.11.2020 from the origin of all being


People are getting lost right now.
In their own chaos.
It's time to look.
Set up
and clean up again.

But they don't look.

They look outside.

Get upset and fill everything there with their attention.

But the inner life will gradually atrophy.

That is your own danger.

Dying in oneself.

Dying in itself is part of life.

But it has no place there when it comes to letting yourself wither.

Natural dying processes are part of it.
But not if it is used as a distraction not to look at yourself.

People then let themselves die, let themselves atrophy.
And blame the outside.

You now have the chance to use it.

Time to look to you.

To take your shares.

To illuminate the dark sides within you.

With the light of this time.

To look at them and to take them to you.

To be lovingly embraced.

When you look outside, you look there with completely different eyes.

What you have provided with light inside will no longer meet you on the outside.

Fill yourself with light.

Every single corner.


Shine with your light into the world.

Once you have found the light within you, you will see it on the outside.

However, if there are still shadows, dark spots in you, you will see them on the outside.

Use this time, the time of light, to ignite the light within you.
To examine and to shine freely.
For you.
For the outside.
For the world.