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When we remember who we are, we leave their mark. Wonderful fire tracks of love.

The story I tell today is a story of redemption and healing, deep transformation and powerful transformation.

If you had asked me a few years ago, it would have been a different one, but:

I remembered…to what I really am.

I accompany sent and perceptive women to discover their radiance, to awaken their own inner voice and intuition and to trust them. When the inner guidance is alive again, a power arises that no one can take away from you.

When you have the connection to yourself, you remain independent of everything and in your power. You are not at the mercy of you, but can shape your life and happiness powerfully out of you!

If you succeed in remembering yourself and your rays, it is the greatest thing there is.

I go for it with all my heart.
Simply because everyone deserves it.

My way to freedom

I’ve always noticed an insane amount and intensely.

I have suffered from depression, compulsions and panic for years. The connection to my body was catastrophic. Deep sadness and an infinite emotional pain have been my constant companions since childhood. I always felt like it was tearing me apart. Until I finally stood at a turning point for myself.

I made the decision FOR my life and FOR a fundamental change.

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I learned to deal with energies. This was the answer to all my questions. Here lay the key to my salvation and healing. And much more.

I learned to change energies so that it would be easy for me. I began to perceive what mine is and what is not and how I can just release foreign energies. 

Through trainings and seminars, I remembered myself and my abilities much more deeply. To my knowledge of origin.

There is no trace of the diagnoses of that time. On the contrary, with my decision to give up my permanent position in the civil service after 20 years and to follow MY heart, I took another very important step for myself in March 2020.

“LIVING HEALING” is no longer a project for the future, but takes place today. Every day. Completely. 

On my journey through the world(s) I share my knowledge with you.

I know that it is challenging for many people – especially now – to be with body, thoughts and energies in peace, lightness and joy. To love oneself and to live a powerful, meaningful life. But that’s what I’m burning for. I love to pass on my knowledge here and i’m happy to accompany you on your heart’s path.

Don’t go, i don’t have it!

If you come to me with a concern or problem, I listen to you and feel you. I connect with your sky and your frequency of origin.
And I open a space of presence in which the essential, what is at stake, can be shown.

I remember…
I remind you…

Healing flow is created in this connection. Everything is possible here and now.

From the heart

Your Sarina

“The greatest warriors have the purest hearts!
Warriors who do not go to war but have defeated the war in themselves!
But they don’t have to use anything anymore!
They are satisfied with what is and what they are!”


Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier
Amtsweg 34
33104 Paderborn

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