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Online Healing Room

Regularly via zoom

Together with Marloes Kremers( I regularly open an online healing room via Zoom.

We always let ourselves be surprised by what will show up and sense the current quality of time. This will give you an insight into our world. In our work.

A world in which dealing with all kinds of energies, with nature beings, star beings, glitter dust and much more is a reality.

You don’t need to learn or have any experience for this. Because each of us has these connections. Viele haben sie nur über die Zeit vergessen.

Wir helfen euch dabei euch zu erinnern und bringen euch wieder in Contact us.

Wenn ihr euch gerufen fühlt, dann schreibt mir einfach. You are also welcome to visit my Facebook page. You will always find the latest topics there. We look forward to seeing you.

MOTHER DRUM Sessions with Marloes and Sarina

Motherdrum Marloes and me

You have seen: This gigantic creature was inaugurated by us on Tuesday. The first sessions given.

Simply brilliant.
We couldn’t stop drumming.
So much of the old was allowed to go and so much of the new came into the world.
A unique multidimensional being for the new.

She was born into the earthly planes over the last few months.
Uncompromising, tremendous transformation on all levels in people, rooms, houses, yards and gardens, places that touch the world.

✨ RESURRECTION from oneself, NEW BIRTH of one’s own being✨

Place: For you in Ahaus and for places, houses, squares, we also go on a journey with her.

Write to us and we’ll set off full of anticipation.

🌟Sarina & Marloes🌟


Training in the original knowledge

Are you still seeking healing or other things on the outside? Do you do one training course after another, read books and wonder why it only touches parts of you ?


In the training in your own original knowledge, we remind you of YOUR knowledge.

You carry this knowledge within you.

There it becomes whole and the separation of looking outside is no longer noticeable.

The knowledge of others can serve as inspiration, but it doesn’t make you whole.

The complete whole, which corresponds to you one-to-one, emerges from you and is already within you.

Do not seek knowledge in others! Find it within you!

💫Marloes & Sarina💫

For an info call write to us.


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