A Place, You and Me

Montes de Baixo in Portugal

A Place, You and Me
A room, a time with you, with me
for which there is no word.

Every moment I try to put it into words, it breaks out and shows me once again the size, the vastness and the infinite potential that lies in it.
Here, all laws are repealed.
Confidence is needed here.
Trust in you, in me and in infinity.

A place in Portugal
that, with its clarity and power, mercilessly reinforces what is to be done


(Me) Sarina,
who connects to all worlds and universes, to all energies and forces of nature


with everything you´re coming with


This interaction creates a new dimension in you. And while creating it in you also creating a new dimension in the world.

There is no predetermined procedure here.

Confidence in everything that shows up and in the natural movement is our program.

Free from time and space, we align the forces.

Feel yourself in freedom.

What it takes:

•A yes to you


•Your willingness to be what you are truly in your origin.

I look forward to it.

For details, please contact me.

Both “explosion” and “living healing” are possible with me here in Portugal in retreat form or in Kombi Online and Retreat.

Even if you are close and want to get to know me and my work, just talk to me. Everything is possible here.

A few impressions

from Montes De Baixo

Click here to go to the official site of Montes De Baixo with impressions and accommodations


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