Healing Life

My offers for you

With you on your way…

The connection with yourself, that’s where it all starts.

Strengthening yourself, understanding your path, feeling yourself, being free for your path,
these are the first steps we take together.

The goal of my companionship is that you develop a constant and deep trust
in your own perception and guidance and thus in the end you are so sure that you
can live and apply your own knowledge of healing.

It is about opening up new worlds, immersing yourself in other dimensions
and moving freely and creatively
in them.

I will accompany you individually over a certain period of time.

Your soul remembers…
Profound transformation takes place…

You learn to perceive energies clearly, to
read your own healing knowledge,
to work with them and to live yourself.

Your way to freedom, to your size, vastness and expansion…

Develop sovereignty through supervision and become visible.

Many people come for the first step and stay for a long time, not
because they have to, but because they go deeper
and further. On your own path for your very own.
Free and kept.

It is particularly important to me in my work to listen to you, your being and also the
accompanying beings. This creates a special dynamic.
Aspects become easier, everything flows in accordance
with its purpose.

That’s freedom.

Power Healing Room

If it has to go fast…
For extreme shifts in the shortest possible time

I open up an energetic power healing space where you are in your life.
I hold this space and fill it with everything it takes for healing, transformation and extreme shifts to take place.
You don’t have to do anything else, consciously get involved and open yourself up to your highest possible well-being.

For: Process support of any kind, backing and support at meetings, important discussions, decisions and in conflicts, surgical accompaniment, acute care in all areas where power & caring is needed immediately.

Be free for your own way

Individual accompaniment

You want a direction in your life.
More joy, security, stability.
More of yourself, what you are in your origin.

Then I invite you on a journey to yourself.
Feel you. Strengthen the connection with yourself. Be clear what your wishes are. Detachment from imprints, expectations, limitations and opinions of others, so that your path becomes visible and tangible for you.

We’re pushing your limits.
And release the strength for your path.

Reading and living healing knowledge

Training in your own knowledge

It’s about your original knowledge. Original knowledge of what comes out of you into life.

You deepen the confidence in yourself, your perception and guidance. You gain your own knowledge of healing and apply it.

This opens up new worlds, you begin to immerse yourself in other dimensions and move creatively in them.

Your original knowledge releases your unique magic and you begin to realize yourself and your knowledge here on Earth.

Your way to freedom

The path to freedom is individual.

It may be that you work independently with your knowledge and skills and more authenticity and sovereignty are your next steps into freedom.

Or: You have recognized yourself in your being and there is a radical change in life and you want to be accompanied.

All in from you and All in from me.
It’s about you and your path. Uncompromising.
Free and live your truth.

Supervision, pushing boundaries, grounding visions. Infinitely secure, wide, crystal clear. The support is newly created. Because you only exist once.

Experienced so far: Successful practice sales, suddenly new customers, lively growth in self-employment, JOY, enjoyment, 180 degree turn, Simply live yourself.

For me, energy work basically includes any form of work with energies, such as clearing, (shamanic) healing work on site and as remote treatment for mental and physical problems, rituals, structural and system healing (family, companies, etc.), healing stories / readings and landscape healing.

A special concern for me is also the grief and death support.

Especially for children and adolescents, perception training and training in dealing with other beings and energies is often very helpful.

You are welcome to write me all your questions and concerns regarding energy work at any time.


In order to book one of my offers, contact me directly for a preliminary interview. We’ll see what’s right on your way now.

Within an accompaniment there is always the possibility of consultation via Whats App, Signal, Zoom or telephone.

I will glitter on

“I am so happy that I finally managed to get in touch with Sarina. It was the absolutely right time in my life and she really moved, exposed and activated a lot in the first round.
I feel very touched, even more in contact with me and I’m curious to see what else is possible.”

– Anke –


“She takes you to Wonderland.
A country that is well known to her.
There are fairies, elves, many beings, glitter and a lot of magic.
She guides you, accompanies you, supports you.
Opens layers you didn’t know about.
It reminds you, strengthens you to live what you really are.
Hand in hand you go with her through all the wonders, all the magic.
Take your own with you and start implementing it, living with it, serving with it.
You wonder, but she sees your true potential, your true greatness.
Over time, you go your own way, independently and confidently.
What remains is the connection to her and Wonderland.”

– Sohan –


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