Today I’m kind of in a writing mood.

Now it’s exactly a week ago.
Proudly like Oskar, I crossed the border with Portugal.

With tears in my eyes with gratitude, with pride, impressed by myself and my courage.

For others, perhaps, a slap in the right.

For me, it’s a milestone.

And with every kilometer driven, grown in experience and self-awareness.

The last time I didn’t think I could do it. Alone.

But my faith, my imagination, my heart felt has always led me further and further.
Many stones lay in the way, but
my heart kept me going.”That’s where it’s going to go, and that’s where you’re going.”

And so I sit here, happy and excited about what may yet come.

Over the last few months, I have often noticed that many things don’t feel the way they used to. I then had some reservations about the journey and my being in Portugal.
But with the first mm on Portuguese soil, it was back.
Exactly the feeling that has always been there. Like home, arrive, familiar, the feeling of being in the right place right now.

Why am I writing this now? First of all to share my gratitude with you and to tell you:

Go on, follow your heart, your inner guidance. She knows the way and guides you right there. And when it feels weird, feel in your heart. It reminds you of your safe place, of your task, of your way.