I don’t want to move right now.
I want to be here right now.
I want to be straight without having to be anything. I’m uncomfortable and annoying right now. Sometimes I don’t like myself right now or I get on my own nerves. I’m staying.
I stay with this woe without running away, distracting myself or getting out of the way.
I hold myself.
I stay and I’m there.
I feel my pain even if it is unpleasant.
But I’m staying and I’m there.
I accept help and hand over everything I have always done myself.
I stick to the fact that I can’t stand myself right now, but I’m still valuable…. I am loved… I love myself… AND I’m staying.
I fall….and I fly… I am here.
And I’m staying.
It annoys me that I’m constantly dissatisfied and crying, afraid and don’t seem to know myself… but I’m there and I’m staying.

I let go and don’t have to hold anything anymore and that’s so hard for me but I’m still here and I stay.

I have already done and mastered so much and created and created…
I don’t like it anymore and it’s hard for me to leave it but it just doesn’t work anymore…
Because I can be and surrender to the river and flow….phewhhh and I am still there and stay.

I don’t like to be present everywhere all the time and show myself with everything.
I show myself to ME and I’m still here and staying.
I let go of constantly wanting to achieve something, I’m tired of it.
I don’t want to achieve anything more.
I’m staying and I’m here.
I keep myself in depth.
I go deep and deeper.
I’m here and I’m staying.
Nothing works like I used to.
I don’t always want to be productive.
I am asked to trust….without doing… that it flows.
I can’t do anything right now and yet it flows.
I trust in my flow
into life without giving up power.

I accepted the challenge.
I am there and stay even if it is not pleasant.

Holding and staying there with my woe and my vulnerability makes me complete, soft and I sink into the ground, into the depth of my wholeness.
Liberation and challenge
A new foundation is being created.
Everything falls apart.
But what remains is me and the connection to myself.
I’m here and I’m staying.”

I used to be a master at escaping from my body when it became uncomfortable. I think I spent my entire school years physically there without ever really being present. However, unconsciously.
Today I know…. We can only heal… when we are completely there.


Love Sarina ❤️