⭐My Christmas present for you⭐
I am completely immersed in this energy of the Christmas season and the Rauhnächte. For me, this is pure magic. So healing. 💫
I enjoy surfing, combining and mediating between the worlds.
An exchange between the universes to bring magic back to Earth. everywhere. With small gestures. 🦄
I love to go through the world and set🧚 ♀️ here and there small energy impulses, joy, flames 💫🔥💫or just some glitter to scatter💫⭐⭐💫 and observe what changes.
Perhaps the most magical time of the year can also be very challenging and intense.
I did it a few years ago and this year I realize that it is particularly needed. 💎
❤So I will build, open and hold a Christmas magic room for you from 25.12.22 to 27.12.22, in which you can dive and reappear whenever you feel like it. To recharge, to remember the magic, the child in you, the joy… if it gets too much for you in all the hustle and bustle or just like that!!!
Maybe you feel alone.
There you are always welcome with everything you bring with you.
Maybe you already know my healing rooms.
If not here is a small explanation:
❤ I open and hold an energetic healing room until 27.12., which I fill for you with impulses and everything that is needed and wants to get in, so that healing, transformation and magic can take place.
All you need to do is perhaps close your eyes for a moment, consciously open the door to this room in your mind, cross the threshold and enter the room. I do everything else.
Come in, be open, perceive and receive the gifts, back strengthening and transformation that awaits you there.
This is my Christmas present for you🎁♥️
In this sense, I wish you a Merry Christmas with a lot of glitter, light and love and thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and all those who appreciate my work, read my thoughts and impulses, for all those I am allowed to accompany and for your trust in me and my work.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Enter and receive. 
All the best ♥️♥️♥️


Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier
Amtsweg 34
33104 Paderborn

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