That’s awesome. Two years ago on the same day it was my last “real” vacation in Portugal and Facebook reminded me today.
And now I lead a life from which I no longer need or want to take a vacation in the country in which I now spend (all) the day (s). The most beautiful everyday life that I can imagine with exactly what touches my heart.

By the time it was two years ago, the internal direction had long been clear. But the steps outside are not even remotely visible.
A few days after this post everything changed from now on and it happened exactly what I had imagined. Then everything went very quickly and one step after the other showed up. Quit my apartment and job and six months later the journey of my heart went into the next round.

Sometimes I am asked if I have ever regretted anything. No. For me, that was definitely the most challenging, but still the best decision I’ve made so far. Another YES to my life, my path of the heart, my path of soul, to myself.

And when I look back, I think for myself: how amazing … and then I remember this path that I took … even the years before.

“This way is my ground and this ground is my trust.”

Looking again and again at your own path, recognizing and appreciating it, allows deep peace and gratitude to return

❤Your way allows no comparisons at all. Because every path is unique