Are you already living your own original knowledge or are you still searching on the outside?

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For several years now, I have been reminding other people of their own SourceKnowledge in my accompaniments.

🌟For me, it is a passion and a mission

Some of them are already actively working with their knowledge in their own practice or freely in companies, institutions etc. and also support me in turning my vision into reality.

My vision is to remind as many people as possible of their own original knowledge, to educate them and send them out into the world.

So that they can flow out into schools, kindergartens, companies … everywhere and touch the world with their knowledge, their light and thus bring universal change into the world for the highest good of all.

I have no real words for it, but I feel it. It’s big. Very large.

Marloes Kremers , my soul sister and so much more, shares this vision with me.

Together we create this network of light in our “training in our own original knowledge”.

But we need YOU. The world needs YOU.

Together for a great vision.

For universal change.

Our training (it is not a conventional training as you have already heard in the videos) starts in March 2024.

We have already started the information and selection interviews.

Do you feel it tingling or does something sound right but you’re not sure?? Get in touch with us for an info session. There we let you feel, talk about the content, the process and clarify all your questions and, above all, have fun and enjoy ourselves.

This type of “training/memory” does not yet exist in this form. It contains everything and nothing at the same time, so that your original knowledge can unfold again.

We do not impart knowledge here. We remind you.

You will be trained by the universe and we will accompany you.

Curious? Then there is also. It will be unique, big and deep, essential and fundamental.