After surfing I sit here now, yes the orange juice has already slurped away ( I had such a thirst😅) and am so grateful for my life here.
For my 180 degree turn, which I have made and for all the women, whom I was also allowed to accompany in their blatant changes.

The freedom I have given myself is groundbreaking for others that they can give themselves this gift.
My touch is initation: being free for one’s own path. ❤ I
experience this every day anew.

And so I am now looking forward to first conversations of 2 other women who also want to make this gift and are willing to put a real U-turn on the package in all areas of their lives💃.
I am already incredibly happy that they have the courage to live and take the first step.❤

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I am experiencing what I am currently experiencing and how horny life can be, and that I can ever experience the intensity of fullness and richness and happiness and of all that I have no words for, what I am currently experiencing, where I had no pale clue before, that this is even possible, I would have shown the bird and probably even more.🙃
But yes it is possible and I look forward to even more of what there are no words for in my life. And that’s what I wish everyone❤
❤Be free for your own way❤