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Do you know that? If your child or someone who is very close to you is in the middle of processes and you think you have to take responsibility and want to keep them from falling on their butts or doing badly?

We always want to help, sometimes just so that we don't have to deal with ourselves. Occurs more often than you think.

Take responsibility for yourself first and foremost.

Be yourself. This makes you the greatest help and support for everyone around you.

We all have our own path. No one can take it away from us. We are going to go first, because no one has yet gone down this path before us, and no one will follow us exactly the same way as we do.

They go their own way to themselves, it's their life.

What if we go to the permission for our counterpart and his choices?

There is not this single right way. There are endless possibilities and everyone has to figure out for themselves which path is his.

What if we stay with us and take care of ourselves and are thus the greatest invitation and the greatest support for our loved ones to take their next steps?


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