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Take your soul with you on your travels

I travel a lot, often in different places. Here I give a few impulses, what I do, that my soul always comes well and comes along and not half of it hangs somewhere in another country.Not only interesting for the holiday season now, but also for everyday life.My soul...

Growing pains and confidence in nothingness

Since I haven't heard anything from me for a long time, a slightly longer update about my "apprenticeship year" and the processes in it, about growing pains, boredom of my soul and the effects, trust without knowing and what else moves me.Maybe one or...

Change of perspective

Sometimes a change of perspective helps.I like to sit on the moon, let my legs dangle and look at everything from above. Let everything pass me by. And already everything looks completely different... Especially at the moment, I like to pull myself out of the world of...


I love to sit up here on the cliffs, just to look, to listen, to be, to let myself be touched by all that works together. The vastness, the light, the movement... To observe, to dive in, to research. To communicate with the earth, the worlds, the sea, the beings. This...



Over a year ago, I did a reading about people, what is at stake and what is important to them. Since the moment I brought it here to earth, it already works. Since a few days I get the impulse again and again: It's time now...It wants to get out. I honestly...

Be free for your own way

Be free for your own way

After surfing I sit here now, yes the orange juice has already slurped away ( I had such a thirst😅) and am so grateful for my life here. For my 180 degree turn, which I have made and for all the women, whom I was also allowed to accompany in their blatant changes. The...

The knowledge within you

“All you want to be, you are already.
Everything you want to know.
It’s in you.
Everything you need to have, you have.
There is only one thing to do.
Live your truth and apply what you have “learned.”❤
Just feel🌊

Your own throne

So not sweaty while jogging. But quite relaxed before jogging. I just had to share this with you, what happens when my own place in this case my own throne welcomes me and I fully sink in and relax in. so cool... For me it is less to take one's own place than to...


Everyone has them. Every healer, every coach, every companion, mentor, doctor, every person.
And I have them too.
Back in Portugal I talk about it and have a few sea impressions with me for you.

“Connecting with your original sky helps you remember who you are in depth.”


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