🩷Small practice room for you🩷

I already noticed at the weekend that there is a lot of fear and “dense” thought energy in the field and that it is condensing. But these are not mine or belong to me.

Therefore for you:

🤍 If you feel the same way…Be aware, most of what we think, feel, sense, even physical intensities….. is not always ours.

🖤 Neither are you. we perceive 98% or even more from the outside.

Becoming aware of this also enables you to remember your guidance and your creative power.

To become clear about what is mine and what is not.

🤍 You’re not at the mercy of it.

🖤🤍🩷 So you can, for example. connect with your heaven of origin.

🩷Place one hand on your heart and the other where you want to feel it.

Close your eyes.

Connect with your origin and open yourself to everything that is for your highest good and let yourself be flooded by the ray of love/origin energy that shows itself.❤️‍🔥

Stay until you feel that you are so dense with your light, your source energy, your love… that there is no room for anything else and it begins to expand.

🩷I help and hold the space for you so that it becomes easier for you and you can feel it well, that you can feel yourself and your light again.🩷