Go through the world
and touch your tracks

were the sentences that showed up again and again for my journey.
I never really knew how this would turn out, especially in a country whose language I don’t even know or is only in the early stages of learning it.

But today I was able to feel what I actually know: that everyone understands the energy language.

Today I was able to feel again why I am here.

To touch. To
rays. To remember.

The earth, the people.

Today I was able to experience once again what happens when you really recognize the souls.

When they feel seen, are held
and have space. Because then they remember. To your own original light.
To the inner radiance in itself.

And that’s the biggest thing there is.
The language doesn’t matter.

Just be with what you are radiating, touching, serving and everything else happens by itself.

And for me, that’s the greatest happiness, the greatest success there is.


Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier
Amtsweg 34
33104 Paderborn

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