Living Healing

Read and live your own healing knowledge

(mentoring – healing – coaching)

The goal of my companionship is to develop a constant and deep trust in your own perception and guidance and thus ultimately be so sure that you can live and apply your own knowledge of healing.

It is a matter of opening up new worlds, immersing ourselves in other dimensions and moving freely and creatively in them.

I will accompany you individually over a certain period of time. Your soul remembers. Deep change is taking place. You learn to perceive energies clearly, to read your own healing knowledge, to work with it and to live one.

She takes you to wonderland. A place that you know very well. There are fairies, elves, lots of creatures, glitter and lots of magic. She guides you, accompanies you, supports you. Opens spheres you didn’t know about. It reminds you, strengthens you to live what you really are. Hand in hand you walk with her through all the miracles, all the magic. Take your own with you and start implementing it, living with it, serving with it. You wonder, but she sees your true potential, your true greatness. In time you go your way, independently and confidently. What remains is the connection to her and the wonderland.


How I work and what you can learn at my side

You are free!

The most important thing for me is that you learn that you are free. I will always show you new ways to dissolve patterns and imprints to remind you of your freedom.

Bringing magic into everyday life

Changing the environment with small things, so that what we move really serves us in everyday life and makes us happy.

Moving and changing energy

It takes know-how how to work with energy. You will get to know your own simple and uncomplicated techniques that are suitable for everyday use.

Be at home in you

Your soul remembers. Everyone can contribute with their strength to change their own lives. And when you shine, your rays also touch the world.

Small effort, big impact

You come into contact with what causes pain. This allows for healing. Your original light begins to shine.

Healing is self-responsibility

The promise of your healing, your freedom and your happiness lies within you. Let’s look together, keep space, dive deep, uncover potentials, recover treasures and create rituals for everyday flow.

Presence – Healing – Lightness and Joy of Life

The sustainable integration into your life is ultimately decided by your actions. It is always about following you and your impulses and giving your heart the space to be free.

In this I support and encourage you.

Agree a preliminary interview with me in which we explore your possibilities. We are also happy to discuss the shape that suits you best.

I look forward to you!


Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier
Amtsweg 34
33104 Paderborn

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