Every stage I take in the outside is every step even more to myself and every time I have another insight.
I would like to share this with you:

Step by step I go into my new life.

With each step heals old.

With each further step, new ones break up.

Healing of old stories takes place and at the same time new ones are born.

I don’t know where the next step will go until I go.

Before, I don’t know anything.

Perhaps different than planned.
Maybe in a different rhythm.
Maybe completely different than expe
cted.but I stay on the move.

I let go of ideas and goals.

I let go of creations for the future.

I let go of visions.

I let go of what I think I am.

I let go of what I wanted to be.

I let go of what I am.

What I’m creating for tomorrow will no longer work tomorrow.

Because it’s just about letting my life touch me.

To let me live.

To open myself to what life has in store for me.

This is the ground for the new kind of creation.

Let life touch to go into the new world.