Recently a woman who is with me “living healing” said to me:
“I have to do something” (in relation to the current or long-term situation).
I said to her, if you really feel inside yourself and ask yourself, is there really something for you to do right now? And she shook her head in relief. Pressure dropped.

I said to her: “What you can“ do ”is you, what you are and live your truth. You are the greatest support and invitation for the world and people. Because you are a lighthouse that “sends”. “

We do not have to intervene in everything and everyone just because we ourselves as humans have the opinion or assessment that something is not right. It’s about choosing a different point of view, being free from evaluations and views, an empty space from which we work. Foresight or overview or I like to just call it “seeing”.
There are laws that are sacred for me as a being, being companion, healer, white shaman. That is why I always ask before I work or act with someone whether there is really something for me to do or whether I am responsible.
I just know that now. And then I don’t intervene anywhere or do anything. NEVER. It is a natural regulator, where I do not get any information.

Every soul has its own path and it is not about changing it or teaching people, but supporting, guiding and accompanying the individual soul in its uniqueness.

This enabled the woman to walk wonderfully and to implement it wonderfully in her practice for her patients.
This post from last year fits in perfectly.
As a little reminder.

Everyone can contribute with their strength to change their own life. And when you shine, your shine also touches the world. In every single act. In every step you take In every word you speak In everything you are.


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