We automatically keep everything we feel, feel, think for our own.

But how much of it is our own?

I have spent years trying to work things out in psychological treatment and wondered why it didn’t work out.

Until I realized that most of it wasn’t even mine, but I thought it was mine.

With what is really of us, we can work and change it. But things we perceive from others are part of them.

I urge you to ask, no matter what you are thinking, or if you suddenly feel bad, or if suddenly doubts arise and you cannot explain it to yourself, to ask: Is this mine at all? or I just perceive thoughts, feelings, energies of others or the earth.

This impulse or this little memory usually helps to recognize, just a time, is this mine at all? No. Ok, good. Already you have a change of perspective in it and the pressure “to have to do something
with” drops. It helps me, no matter what it is, to send away/return with a hand movement until it becomes easier or to transform it with an energetic clarification flame with more stubborn things.

We easily adapt to the emotions of others and often lose our own inner guidance, easily fall into illusions and hold them for our consciousness.

Hence the impulse from me, first of all sorting out what really belongs to you and what does not.
So clarity returns to you and around you and you hear your own voice again.


Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier
Amtsweg 34
33104 Paderborn

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