It`s been 1 year since I got out of the civil service job. I can´t believe it… and Am so grateful when I look where I stand now and what has become possible… where and how I live… how I work… so grateful.

On the way there, when I started to leave my "safe" civil servant job after 20 years, I met more and more people who said, wow, we want to do that t
oo….. but…. or many who meet me now and see how I live now.

My counter-question is always: Are you sure you really want that?
That it really is YOUR desire?

Because if you really want that, then there are no buts and no more excuses. Then there is no more IF, only a NOW.

For me, this was not a decision I have just made.
I did not get up in the morning and say: I am quitting today.

It was a process inside, which then gradually demanded the steps in the outside.

People often hear something and quickly say, I want to do this; without even having checked with themselves whether this is really their wish or to listen to what they actually want.

I used to feel the same way. I´ve seen how .b someone was constantly traveling all over the world. I was jealous (I thought).

Yes until I have dealt with my wishes myself and then I noticed…. ah… I don´t want that at all.

Yes, what do I actually want?

And the more you deal with it, the more envy fades and you rejoice for the other, because you know what you want and set that as a goal and invest in it.
And for himself.

If I´m really burning for something, there are no more excuses.
Then that's my drive.
Yes and that, everyone can do that if he wants