In the month of July, some of my accompaniments are about choosing and leading into one's own original reality.

We encounter so many realities in our lives, everywhere we dive in again, collect traces of light, heal stories and collect pearls from them, which are the ground and the bridge into our original reality.

Often we think we are trapped in realities, but it is only a choice away to make a complete shift in the whole system.

I am so proud of all my beings that I am allowed to accompany. Because they have the courage to make this choice. To choose, to re-elect and it is terrific to experience how a completely new space opens up, which can fill itself with all the treasures that life and its origin has in store for it.

Through this change of reality, they open themselves completely to receive themselves in the depths of their being.
For me such a touching work. 

For a woman, the theme of freedom came to light again, which also reminded me of my way to freedom.

As with everything, freedom comes from the inside out. On my way, I noticed that when the exterior falls away (as with me the official structures, apartment, everything), that then only one level deeper may become visible, which is not yet free inside.

They are wave movements from the inside out. Layer by layer. But when the outside has fallen and is free, this is the ground for the next layer inside, which can only be felt at all to create another wave from the inside out. 

This change of reality into her original reality has moved exactly that for her again. She is on her way… to be free for their own way.
Be free for your own path. 

If you are also ready or feel that a change of reality is imminent, then feel free to contact me. Together with the sacred white elephant we collect traces of light, recover pearls and dive into your original reality together.

From September and October I also have a place to give for Explosion🧨 – Being free for your own way.
For more information write to me and I'll tell you more about it. 
You can also find a few key points on my website, but I make each accompaniment individually tailored to your needs and in a personal conversation I feel you and can then answer you detailed questions as to whether and in what form this is due for you.  



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