Grateful for this week!!!

Especially the last few days were very special for me.
Full of blessings, deep healing, transformation and full of miracles and encounters, holiness, divinity and devotion.

I was again able  lead two wonderful women into their own levels of knowledge as part of my heart project HeilungLeben, and it is a blessing for me to experience what opens up in women as they remember, recognize themselves in their depth and accept it again. Taking power back to himself.

The previously closed access was allowed to open and they were allowed to remember. They have gradually flooded their rooms with it and have been able to take it up again and are now beginning to integrate it into their lives. We are now tapping into more and more, and they are starting to work with it themselves.

In those moments, I could cry with joy and am so grateful to be able to do this work.

Every session in HealingLife is a blessing for me, as individual as every woman is, is also every encounter with her levels of knowledge, with her origin, with her worlds. It is so nice to see how more and more new knowledge flows to the earth and what every single woman can do with it if she lives it.

I am just realizing how important it is right now to tap into and live one’s own knowledge. Beyond books or other media. Because we all have our very own knowledge of what we carry within us as beings.
We must remember again and trust our original knowledge and not make the knowledge of others, media, tools, etc. greater than ourselves.

I always tell my wives, check for you even if I say something, if this is true for you and ask yourself what you know about it.

This is about being conscious as the being that one is and not following indiscriminately, believing that one must learn or dissolve even more.
You are already. It is important to remember.

For a long time I have not talked about healinglife – read and live your own healing knowledge. Simply done. And now I notice how it wants to get out.

And so I just write a bit about it.

⭐I wish so much that HealingLive- Live your own healing knowledge moves around the world and touches each individual, reminds him of himself and his knowledge. And I’m happy if you help me with that.
Not loud and shrill, rather gentle and loving. From the depths.

💫”HealingLife” is much more than an accompaniment for me. Not really describable with words. The energy behind it speaks for itself. Pure self-realization, acceptance of power and self-training. PURE MAGIC. PURE ESSENCE.

💫I open spaces where it becomes possible for you to regain your often given power in love, remind yourself of the being that you are in your origin.

💫You enter your own levels of knowledge, learn to read, live and apply your own healing knowledge.

And again or still my heart is bouncing❤☺.

How did HealingLife come about?

💎Already I have always had the vision of community, in which each being stands in his own power with all his own healing knowledge to bring him here to earth and to live without anything from himself but in all his power. In its full size, at the same time free and in community💎

Again and again women came to me, to whom I recommended similar trainings and accompaniments as I had them and I sent them on.

Not infrequently, they came back and wanted to learn with me, because I live my own healing knowledge. Completely free and re-creating every moment.
I also learned techniques, but I quickly realized that this didn’t work for me and that I wanted to work and work freely.
Every moment new, for each being individually.

A woman once said to me, “Many teach you techniques and advertise to bring you to your greatness, but they don’t live it. And I don’t want to learn techniques from others anymore I want to live my own. And you’ll show me that.”

And so my vision of earth was born.
I thank her every day anew for this trust.🙏🌟❤

It didn’t take two sessions, so she wrote to me:

You live what you are. You pass on knowledge and lead into your own knowledge with joy and ease full of magic, magic and freedom. You open up worlds and thus enable me to fall back on my knowledge, to bring it into my consciousness. To make it tangible for me. To be developed. “

This is how “Healing Life” came into being and is already flowing here on and into the earth.🪐

Many people don’t even know what I’m doing. I admit, when it comes to marketing myself😇, my marketing is that I live who I am where I am right now. I’m more of a quiet one. I’ve written about it before. I sometimes seem invisible and yet present.
For me, authenticity is the most important thing. Of course, this also applies to HeilungLeben.

I provide a space to remember in which completely new worlds are allowed to open up, around you and in you. A community is created, the worlds change in the joint work of each in his power, size and uniqueness. Everyone with their own healing knowledge.


With this feedback on HealingLife, tears come to me

“She takes you to Wonderland.
A country that is well known to her.
There are fairies, elves, many beings, glitter and a lot of magic.

She guides you, accompanies you, supports you.
Opens layers you didn’t know about.
It reminds you, empowers you to live who you really are.
Hand in hand you go with her through all the wonders, all the magic.
Take your own with you and start implementing it, living with it, serving with it.
You wonder, but she sees your true potential, your true greatness.
Over time, you go your own way, independently and confidently.
What remains is the connection to her and Wonderland.” ❤🙏🦄