I’m sitting here with a tingling tingle in my stomach and review ingessing the last few weeks.

So much has changed in no time and I continue to follow the river. 

I look through my apartment with a smile for the last time, how fittingly I put it on the 21st of 12th, conclude the last 12 years full of gratitude for everything I have encountered on this way.

Let’s go.

Take with you everything that belongs to me and leave emptiness that may be filled again.

Despite these turbulent times on the outside, it is quiet in me, full of peace and gratitude. 

Also pride and amazement at me and my courage.

Only now do I realize once again which way I have gone back the last few years, where I stood then and where I now stand and what else is waiting for me. 

I gently acknowledge it.

Take me lovingly in my arms.

A few weeks ago, I took what was probably the most important and at the same time the most difficult step of my life so far.

Everything is at zero right now, and I am looking forward to my personal heart adventure in 2020. 

It has been dormant in me for a long time until the way has gradually shown itself.

Now I am ready to share it with you.

I decided to leave all the structures that were no longer suitable, including leaving my civil servant job, where I worked for 20 years.
To follow my heart, follow me and live who I am.

Get out into the world to touch, always following my heart and my impulses.

In case you remember, I reported here about 2 years ago that I made a choice internally.
The path was not visible at the time. But he showed himself gradually.

In the beginning it was still scary, programming came up. But I just noticed how my heart went up when I thought about it.
For me it became clearer and clearer, that’s it. I go the way of my heart.
I have decided to go into the unknown, to leave the past behind me, open and joyful looking towards the future with both legs at the moment.
In contact with life.

If someone had told me three years ago, I didn’t think it was possible.

The issue of security was a major issue at the beginning.

But I felt that it wasn’t mine at all. And so I spoke to my soul about it and she said to me, “Your greatest security will be your insecurity. ”

I was a bit surprised and asked what she meant by that.

” You get every moment, every day new… follow the call of your heart and you will always be taken care of. Decide every day for your heart path.”

Of course, in addition to this conversation, I also thought about it and about these security fears, etc. But since that conversation there has suddenly been deep trust and peace.

And this sentence meets me again and again and I feel yes… That’s me. My safety is in me, not outside.
I would be lying if I said that everything was always easy and That I wouldn’t have liked to throw everything away sometimes.

But at some point I got to a point where there was no going back, only a forward and a further one. Not an if, but only a then.

I owe this to my heart, which has always encouraged me. My connection
to myself, my inner guidance became stronger and stronger, so that any doubt on the other hand faded and dissolved in the long run.
Even though it hasn’t always been easy and won’t be, I have myself and the connection to myself.
And that’s a power and a driving force that no one can take away from me anymore.
And for that I go with all my heart.

Of course, the fear comes over again and again, the whole system spins through. But then I make my love greater than my fear. Deify them.

And I’m so excited about it.
So I will move into the world and of course I will gladly take you with me.

Energy knows no limits or distances and so you can of course continue to work with me from anywhere in the world via zoom conveniently from your home.

There will also be the opportunity to be completely casual with me by the sea or wherever I am.
Or if you want me with you, just talk to me. I look forward to.

It will definitely be a year of adventure, freedom and truthfulness.

And now I wish you a wonderful and magical start of the rough nights.


Susanne Sarina Hüppmeier
Amtsweg 34
33104 Paderborn

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