Read on 31.10.20 from the new earth

It’s a different rhythm.
The Earth sets a new rhythm in harmony with the sky.
The heavens turn to the earth and the earth to the sky.
The earth becomes heaven. The heavens to the earth.
So the whole balance will shift.
Nothing will be as it was.
No time, no festivals, no rituals.

It’s time to think.
To indulge in the new rhythm.
To recreate from it.

You can still feel the old structures, but they are changing.
It is important to honor them, but also to feel them anew. Re-creation.

What does this mean for the (annual) fixed?

They lose their effect during this time. People hold on to them, but there is something new behind them.
It is time to orient at his own perception, his own knowledge, not on predetermined ones.
That was an interim solution.

But you are able to feel your own rhythm, the rhythm of the stars, of the moon, of everything, if you only listen and walk with it.
Much is written, but not what is to come.
Listen to nature and everything.

How does this affect people?

They will lose themselves, because they are still clinging to old knowledge, rather than the new one.
New Earth also means rethinking, feeling new, feeling new.

What can we do?

Give in to the rhythm. The rhythm of heaven and earth.
He will tell you when which festivals are, when what is to be celebrated and how. It is to be honored what energies are to be used for what and when.
He will let you know what’s in it now.
The full moon heralds new ones.
He connects heaven and earth and turns them once.
It can feel like everything is upside down.
The new rhythm is heralded.
Give yourself to him.
Then everything happens by itself in ease.